Angel Neiry

Angel Bothof

Angel is a certified transformational trainer, classically trained musician, and successful businesswoman- in short, a force of nature. After earning a private pilot's license, obtaining a practical nurse degree, and studying psychology and math at University of Las Vegas, she found ways to put her interest in people to practical use. Starting as a sales rep in the telecom industry, Angel was promoted to district manager within twelve months. ​She spent the next ten years at Grandview Marketing, where she learned hard work, dedication, and how to deal with the shifting moods of 100-200 people everyday- a challenge she relished.

Despite her successes, Angel felt something was missing; when a friend introduced her to Transformational Training in 2012, a light-bulb went off. She watched herself and her peers becoming authentic, open, and powerful. Her class turned into a family, having grown up surrounded by loving relatives who continue to meet weekly, Angel knew the power of this kind of support. Passionate about this vision of making a concrete difference in the world through love and guided growth, Angel studied under Ray Blanchard at Trainer Designs Global and became a certified Trainsformational Trainer in March 2015. That same passion led her to develop a plan for a new training center Synergy Leadership Academy.