'Insight' Synergy Leadership Academy Training - I got to identify my self-sabotaging patterns...

The Insight Course introduces you to many concepts, which we call distinctions, many of which you may already know, but don’t have ingrained in your being. You may know better, but find yourself doing differently. The exercises compliment these distinctions so you understand them at a core level, similar to learning how to ride a bicycle. You’ll have numerous opportunities to see the underlying belief systems by which you operate. This is incredibly powerful.

Pathway to Success

Having an opportunity to uncover those beliefs and what you made up about your interpretation of an event and that is the pathway to business success and personal power. When you realize that you are assigning meaning to the events and circumstances of your life, you have the ability to halt the impact of self-limiting beliefs, let go of the self-built prison walls that restrict you, and control the causes of separation and fear. You set yourself free, and recover your sense of belonging and unconditional love.

You can then embrace authentic compassion for yourself and others where the ultimate result is a new life with self-acceptance, inner peace, aliveness, joy, high performance, and brilliant new insights on how to live wholeheartedly.

This is about you. This is about what you really want.

Your Personal Potential

The Insight Course is Phase I of the Synergy Program. The Program features the fundamentals of new age “Transformational Technology” with aspects of Drs. Judith and Bob Wright’s Great Life Process or GLP, a distinct path to personal and business success. It is a detailed road map to navigate your way to your ultimate personal potential, illumination, and amazing new results.

Only Synergy has this unique growth system that goes from beginning to end, starting with the Insight Course, followed by the Innovation Course and ending with the 100+ day Leadership Program.

'Insight' Synergy Leadership Academy Training - I got exactly what I needed

Great Life Process (GLP)

Using the GLP, in the Insight Course you are guided step by step to reconnect with your deeper yearnings, become fully engaged with what matters, gain awareness of your survival strategies, liberate your authentic self, and evoke your true passion. The Insight Course is four days, and is designed for people who are ready, willing and up to the challenge of creating the life of their dreams with lasting fulfillment. It is a unique opportunity to consciously grow as a human being, get life direction, create a new life vision, and develop advanced levels of people skills so you can execute your vision effectively.

I hear, and I forget.
I see, and I remember.
I do, and I understand.

- Ancient Chinese Proverb

The GLP is an experiential system of concepts and practices, intended to eliminate “mind traps” and limitation, thus allowing you to function with choice and impact. Blueprints in sexuality, money, power, love, spirituality and creativity are identified and redesigned in order to create your future and allow you to manifest the kind of life that you desire. This technique is a shift from drawn-out, generalized and unfocused personal growth to very specific modules that are critical to profound transformation.

Overall, this cross-cultural approach to personal growth and enlightened leadership is derived from an eclectic blend of ancient eastern philosophy and western traditions, accelerated learning techniques, Maslow’s Need Hierarchy, and much more. It is the most integrated, practical and effective transformational model in the marketplace.


By fully participating in this course you will have the opportunity to:

  • Let go of the weighted past to create a vibrant future
  • Get the secrets to enhanced inner strength and growing confidence
  • Discover new powers of choice and the ability to create with no evidence from the past
  • Use the power of intention to manifest
  • Create a new blueprint for your life success
  • Find clear life direction
  • Get lifelong tools that you can use to generate great relationships and build new businesses

The Insight Course Schedule

The dates and hours of The Insight Course are as follows — Please note that all ending times are approximate:

Thursday Registration 5:30pm - 6:30pm
Course 6:30pm – approx. midnight
Friday Course 6:30pm – approx. midnight
Saturday Course 11:00am – approx. midnight
Sunday Course 11:00am – 7:30pm
Celebration 7:30pm

Location: Las Vegas

'Innovation' Synergy Leadership Academy Training - This is about you!

Here you get to break through your self-limiting beliefs in a tangible, life altering experience. Through the Innovation Course, you get to redesign your life in such a way to create a foundation from which the rest of your life can profoundly emerge. The Innovation Course is a dynamic interpersonal experience, based in love and support, where you can let go of baggage and quagmires from the past and step into your soulful center, where you are empowered to cause the extraordinary.

In this course you will have the opportunity to:

  • Demolish any roadblocks on your way to creating a lasting and fulfilling life.
  • Learn the power of authentic self-expression.
  • Identify your strengths and tap into your personal power like never before.
  • Sculpt a clear definition of your fulfilling purpose in life.
  • Have the courage to take action despite fear, doubt and worry.
  • Become aware of the difference between how you think you show up and how the rest of the world sees you.

Breakthrough Experience


  • a sudden, dramatic, and important discovery or development.
    "a major breakthrough in DNA research"
    synonyms: advance · development · step forward · leap forward · quantum leap · step in the right direction · success · discovery · find · improvement · innovation · revolution · progress · headway · advancement
  • an instance of achieving success in a particular sphere or activity.
    "the band's breakthrough album" · "her big breakthrough came on the stage when she won a Tony Award in 1958"

Phase II of the “Great Life Process” starts with one’s new found freedom, the springboard to experience authentic self-expression. You can elevate to a whole new level of consciousness, connect your heart and head for greater clarity and purpose. You can enter the realm of self-love and gain a greater capacity for intimacy. The crowning achievement is a breakthrough to your essence. You can have a life defining experience where you experience yourself as radiant, whole, perfect, and complete! Your creativity and passion kicks in to help you re-purpose your life on a dedicated path of service with clarity, certainty and confidence. Simply put, the Innovation Course goes deep to your inner self where you reconnect with an authentic way of being, from which you shift your priorities and can sculpt a life of positivity, joy, personal power and unprecedented results.

Living the greatest expression of YOU may be the highest form of honor. Honoring the greatness in another person can be the highest form of relationship. The Innovation Course forges the expression of the authentic self, one to the other, in an impeccable atmosphere of poetic and intense interpersonal commitment. Partnerships and Small Group activities encourage openness and the access to intimacy, where giving and receiving love freely while maintaining your own integrity is possible as a way of life. The ultimate outcome is a pure heart to heart “Connection” that is electrifying. It alters the way people live in all relationships from that point forward. Learning to “Love Together” in this way is the magic for a rich and high quality life.

The Innovation Course Schedule

The dates and hours of The Innovation Course are as follows — Please note that all ending times are approximate:

Thursday Course 11:00am – approx. midnight
Friday Course 11:00am – approx. midnight
Saturday Course 11:00am – approx. midnight
Sunday Course 11:00am – 7:30pm
Celebration 7:30pm

Location: Las Vegas


PART 3 - The Ineffable Leadership Program

(3) Fri-Sun Weekends - Each at the beginning ,middle and end of a 100+ day period

Take everything you learned in the first two courses and apply it to your life, be the person you want to be, extraordinary. This mostly occurs out of the classroom (and in your life) – supported by trainers, coaches, everyone in your class, your small group and your new buddies. It takes about 90 days to form a habit, thus locking in the new “you”. This is why the trainings are so powerful and last a lifetime. Remember the last time you rode a bicycle? It may have been quite some time ago, but you would know how to ride it instantly. Your muscles never forget and this course works in much the same way.

The next step after personal transformation is collaboration. Sharing is the key, and impacting the community is the pinnacle of great growth and a life well-lived. In The Ineffable Leadership Program you get to leverage off of your breakthroughs in the previous two courses and put enlightenment into deliberate action. By turning Insight into results you solidify your growth and you can move from surviving to thriving! The Ineffable Leadership Program is an opportunity to create results with unforgettable experiences and exceptional achievements for yourself and with your synergistic team. In an atmosphere with dedicated coaches and partners at your side, you develop practices that work and, at the same time, contribute to the relentless growth of yourself and others . By engaging your true passion and the power of connection with others, you can tap into a source of power that can generate results by focusing your consciousness in such a way that you can move mountains. The Ineffable Leadership Program is a “climb and elevate” proposition, to achieve your greatness and also reach back and pull others up with you. Each person manifests their own personal goals and, as a group, they get to ”Lead Together” in service projects that make a visible difference in society.

Redefine Your Life

Having new tools to work with that you didn’t have before, you will be tasked with redefining 7 areas of your life during this training by writing out measurable and tangible goals within this 100+ day period. The focus will be on achieving goals, set by you, in these areas:

  • Finance (money abundance, creation, savings, debt reduction)
  • Relationships (intimate, family, friends, casual, professional)
  • Health (physical, emotional, medical)
  • Contribution (community, personal, global)
  • Business (job, entrepreneurship, time management, more business)
  • Enrollment (community, personal, global)*
  • Leisure (hobbies, travel, personal fulfillment)

'Inception' Synergy Leadership Academy Online Training!

Synergy Leadership Academy is proud to announce we will begin offering an online program starting August 24th. Inception will be a 3 month course where you will learn 24 key distinctions to take a look at some of the beliefs and barriers you may have that are preventing you from having the life of your dreams! It will also give you tools that can support you in breaking through the barriers that you find are holding you back.

Synergy is where tangible results happen, lifelong relationships are built, and new belief systems are created to take your life to an entirely new level.

Each week we will deliver 2 new distinctions and give you logistical aids and support to incorporate them into your life, starting now. We will have videos to explain the distinctions in detail and handouts for you to use, then give you course work to complete and exercises to have it be valuable, immediately.

Once a month you will have a team call with a certified trainer via a video conferencing platform to give live support and coaching on anything that is coming up for you directly. This is also a great opportunity to discuss any challenges you may be facing with your trainer.

In addition to your monthly team call, you will have access directly to a personal coach (via email) for quick responses to questions or situations that may arise during the program.

As an added benefit, you and your team will have access to your own exclusive Facebook group/page to interact, connect and share experiences with those that are on the journey with you!

By the end of this program you will have a clear understanding of what’s next in your life and how to get it. You deserve to have your desires, passions and results become your reality. Your life is now.